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Operation Class

Represents the class for an operation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IntegrationServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IntegrationServices (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IntegrationServices.dll)

public class Operation : SfcInstance

The Operation type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyAbstractIdentityKey (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public propertyCallerNameGets the name of the caller.
Public propertyCompletedGets or sets a value that indicates whether the operation has completed.
Public propertyCreatedTimeGets the create time of the operation.
Public propertyEndTimeGets the end time of the operation.
Public propertyIdGets the identifier of the operation.
Public propertyIdentityKeyGets the identity key.
Public propertyMessagesGets the messages for the current operation.
Public propertyMetadata (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public propertyObjectIdGets the identifier of the object.
Public propertyObjectNameGets the name of the object.
Public propertyObjectTypeGets the type of the object.
Public propertyOperationTypeGets the type of the operation.
Public propertyParentGets or sets the parent.
Public propertyProperties (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected propertyPropertyStorageProvider (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public propertyStartTimeGets the start time of the operation.
Protected propertyState (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public propertyStatusGets the status of the operation.
Public propertyStoppedByNameGets the user (if any) that stopped the operation.
Public propertyUrn (Inherited from SfcInstance.)

Protected methodAlterImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodCheckObjectCreated (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodCheckObjectState (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodCreateIdentityKeyCreates the identity key. (Overrides SfcInstance.CreateIdentityKey().)
Protected methodCreateImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodDenyDenies the operation for the integration service.
Public methodDiscover (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodDropImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodGetChildCollectionRetrieves the child collection based on element type. (Overrides SfcInstance.GetChildCollection(String).)
Public methodGetDomain (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodGetEffectivePermissionsRetrieves the effective permissions for the operation.
Public methodGetExplicitPermissions()Retrieves the explicit permission for the operation.
Public methodGetExplicitPermissions(String)Retrieves the explicit permission for the operation with specified user name.
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetLatestMessagesGets the latest message for the operation.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectFactoryRetrieves the factory to create a new instance.
Public methodGetPropertySet (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodGetTypeMetadataImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodGrantGrants permission to the operation.
Protected methodInitializeUIPropertyState (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodMarkForDropImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodMarkRootAsConnected (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodMoveImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodOnPropertyMetadataChanges (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodOnPropertyValueChanges (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostAlter (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostCreate (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostDrop (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostMove (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodPostRename (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodRefresh (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodRenameImpl (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodResetKey (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodRevokeRevokes the operation.
Public methodScriptDenyDenies the operation script.
Public methodScriptGrantGrants the script for the operation.
Public methodScriptRevokeRevokes the operation script.
Public methodSerialize (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public methodStopStops the operation.
Public methodToString (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodUpdateUIPropertyState (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected methodValidate (Inherited from SfcInstance.)

Protected eventpropertyChanged (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public eventPropertyChanged (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Protected eventpropertyMetadataChanged (Inherited from SfcInstance.)
Public eventPropertyMetadataChanged (Inherited from SfcInstance.)

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.
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