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JobExecutionStatus Enumeration


The JobExecutionStatus enumeration is a list of constant values that specify the execution status of a job or job step.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Agent
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlEnum (in Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlEnum.dll)

public enum JobExecutionStatus

Member nameDescription

Value = 3. The job is waiting to retry after a failure.


Value = 1. The job is being run.


Value = 4. The job is idle.


Value = 7. The job is in the final completion stage.


Value = 5. The job is suspended.


Value = 6. The job is waiting for another branch of logic to finish before it can continue.


Value = 2. The job is waiting for a worker thread.

The JobExecutionStatus enumeration class is served by the CurrentRunStatus property and EnumJobs method.

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