DatabasePermissionSetValue Enumeration

The DatabasePermissionSetValue enumeration is a list of constant values that specify all the database permissions.

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlEnum (in microsoft.sqlserver.sqlenum.dll)

public enum DatabasePermissionSetValue
public enum DatabasePermissionSetValue
public enum DatabasePermissionSetValue

Member nameDescription
AlterThe ability to alter the database.
AlterAnyApplicationRoleThe ability to alter any application role that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyAssemblyThe ability to alter any assembly that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyAsymmetricKeyThe ability to alter any asymmetric key that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyCertificateThe ability to alter any certificate that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyContractThe ability to alter any contract that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyDatabaseDdlTriggerThe ability to alter any database data definition language (DDL) trigger that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyDatabaseEventNotificationThe ability to alter any database event notification that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyDataspaceThe ability to alter any dataspace that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyFulltextCatalogThe ability to alter any full-text catalog that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyMessageTypeThe ability to alter any message type that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyRemoteServiceBindingThe ability to alter any remote service binding that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyRoleThe ability to alter any role that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyRouteThe ability to alter any route that belongs to the database.
AlterAnySchemaThe ability to alter any schema that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyServiceThe ability to alter any service that belongs to the database.
AlterAnySymmetricKeyThe ability to alter any symmetric key that belongs to the database.
AlterAnyUserThe ability to alter any user that belongs to the database.
AuthenticateThe ability to authenticate database users.
BackupDatabaseThe ability to back up the database.
BackupLogThe ability to back up the database log.
CheckpointThe ability to issue a checkpoint.
ConnectThe ability to connect to the database.
ConnectReplicationThe ability to connect to a replication server.
ControlThe ability to control the database.
CreateAggregateThe ability to create an aggregate in the database.
CreateAssemblyThe ability to create an assembly in the database.
CreateAsymmetricKeyThe ability to create an asymmetric key in the database.
CreateCertificateThe ability to create a certificate in the database.
CreateContractThe ability to create a contract in the database.
CreateDatabaseThe ability to create the database.
CreateDatabaseDdlEventNotificationThe ability to create a database data definition language (DDL) event notification.
CreateDefaultThe ability to create a default in the database.
CreateFulltextCatalogThe ability to create a full-text catalog in the database.
CreateFunctionThe ability to create a function in the database.
CreateMessageTypeThe ability to create a message type in the database.
CreateProcedureThe ability to create a stored procedure in the database.
CreateQueueThe ability to create a queue in the database.
CreateRemoteServiceBindingThe ability to create a remote service binding in the database.
CreateRoleThe ability to create a role in the database.
CreateRouteThe ability to create a route in the database.
CreateRuleThe ability to create a rule in the database.
CreateSchemaThe ability to create a schema in the database.
CreateServiceThe ability to create a service in the database.
CreateSymmetricKeyThe ability to create a symmetric key in the database.
CreateSynonymThe ability to create a synonym in the database.
CreateTableThe ability to create a table in the database.
CreateTypeThe ability to create a type in the database.
CreateViewThe ability to create a view in the database.
CreateXmlSchemaCollectionThe ability to create an XML schema collection in the database.
DeleteThe ability delete the database.
ExecuteThe ability to execute a procedure in the database.
InsertThe ability to insert data into the database.
ReferencesThe ability to alter perform references in the database.
SelectThe ability to select data in the database.
ShowplanThe ability to run showplan.
SubscribeQueryNotificationsThe ability to subscribe to query notifications.
TakeOwnershipThe ability to take ownership of the database.
UpdateThe ability to update data in the database.
ViewDatabaseStateThe ability to view the state of the database.
ViewDefinitionThe ability to view definition information on the database.

This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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