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SynonymBaseType Enumeration

The SynonymBaseType enumeration contains constant values that specify the type of synonym.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlEnum (in Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlEnum.dll)

public enum SynonymBaseType

Member nameDescription
NoneNo type.
TableSynonym is a table.
ViewSynonym is a view.
SqlStoredProcedureSynonym is a SQL Server stored procedure.
SqlScalarFunctionSynonym is a SQL Server scalar function.
SqlTableValuedFunctionSynonym is a Transact-SQL table valued function.
SqlInlineTableValuedFunctionSynonym is a SQL Server inline table-value function.
ExtendedStoredProcedureSynonym is an extended stored procedure.
ReplicationFilterProcedureSynonym is a replication filter procedure.
ClrStoredProcedureSynonym is a CLR stored procedure.
ClrScalarFunctionSynonym is a CLR scalar function.
ClrTableValuedFunctionSynonym is a common language runtime (CLR) table-value function.
ClrAggregateFunctionSynonym is a CLR aggregate function.

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