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DeclarationType Enumeration

Specifies the Declaration type.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.Intellisense
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.dll)

public enum DeclarationType

Member nameDescription
ApplicationRoleAn application role.
AsymmetricKeyAn asymmetric key.
BuiltInFunctionA built-in function or global variable.
CertificateA certificate.
CheckConstraintA CHECK constraint.
CollationA system collation.
ColumnA column.
CredentialA credential.
CursorDataTypeA cursor data type.
CursorParameterA cursor parameter.
CursorVariableA cursor variable.
DatabaseA database.
DatabaseDdlTriggerA database DDL trigger.
DatabasePermissionA database permission.
DatabaseRoleA database role.
DatePartA date-part function argument.
DefaultConstraintA column default constraint.
DmlTriggerA DML trigger.
ExecutionContextA user-defined module execution context.
ExtendedStoredProcedureAn extended stored procedure.
FileGroupA file group.
ForeignKeyColumnA foreign key column.
ForeignKeyConstraintA FOREIGN KEY constraint.
IndexedColumnAn indexed column.
LoginA login account.
PartitionSchemeA partition scheme.
PrimaryKeyConstraintA PRIMARY KEY constraint.
RelationalIndexA relational index.
ScalarDataTypeA scalar data type.
ScalarExpressionA general scalar expression.
ScalarParameterA scalar parameter.
ScalarValuedFunctionA user-defined scalar-valued function.
ScalarVariableA scalar variable.
SchemaA schema.
ServerA server.
ServerDdlTriggerA server DDL trigger.
SpatialIndexA spatial index.
StatisticsA statistics object.
StoredProcedureA stored procedure.
SynonymA synonym.
SystemDataTypeA system data type.
TableA table.
TableDataTypeA table data type.
TableParameterA table parameter.
TableValuedFunctionA user-defined table-valued function.
TableVariableA table variable.
UdtDataMemberA UDT data member (field or property).
UdtMethodA UDT member method.
UniqueConstraintA UNIQUE constraint.
UserA user.
UserDefinedAggregateA user-defined aggregate.
UserDefinedClrTypeA user-defined CLR type (UDT).
UserDefinedDataTypeA user-defined data type (UDDT).
UserDefinedTableTypeA user-defined table type (UDTT).
ViewA view.
VirtualTableA script virtual table (pivot table, derived table, common table expression (CTE), and so on).
XmlDataTypeMethodAn xml data type method.
XmlIndexAn XML index.
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