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ILogin Interface

Represents a SQL Server login.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.Metadata
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.dll)

public interface ILogin : IServerOwnedObject, IDatabaseObject, 

The ILogin type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAsymmetricKeyGets the IAsymmetricKey object that is associated with this login.
Public propertyCertificateGets the ICertificate object that is associated with this login.
Public propertyCredentialGets the ICredential object that is associated with this login.
Public propertyDefaultDatabaseGets the default database that the login account is assigned to after logging on to the instance of SQL Server.
Public propertyIsSystemObjectGets a value that indicates whether this is a system object. (Inherited from IDatabaseObject.)
Public propertyLanguageGets the language that is required by the login account for date formats and system messages.
Public propertyLoginTypeGets the type of the login.
Public propertyNameGets the name of the metadata object. (Inherited from IMetadataObject.)
Public propertyParentGets the IDatabaseObject object that is the parent of this object. (Inherited from IDatabaseObject.)
Public propertyPasswordGets the password that is associated with this login.
Public propertyServerGets the IServer object that owns this object. (Inherited from IServerOwnedObject.)
Public propertySidGets the security identifier (SID) for the login account.

Public methodAccept<T>(IDatabaseObjectVisitor<T>)Accepts a visit from the specified IDatabaseObjectVisitor<T> object. (Inherited from IDatabaseObject.)
Public methodAccept<T>(IMetadataObjectVisitor<T>)Accepts a visit from the specified IMetadataObjectVisitor<T> object. (Inherited from IMetadataObject.)
Public methodAccept<T>(IServerOwnedObjectVisitor<T>)Accepts a visit from the specified IServerOwnedObjectVisitor<T> object. (Inherited from IServerOwnedObject.)
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