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Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlWizardFramework Namespace

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlWizardFramework namespace contains a set of classes that provide a framework for SQL Server wizards.

Public classPageRepresents a page. The page can be a property sheet or a page of a wizard.
Public classPageFrameworkActionEventArgsProvides event data for the WizardFramework class.
Public classPageFrameworkEventArgsProvides event data for the Page class.
Public classSqlPageProvides methods and properties that can be used to customize the Page class.
Public classSqlWizardFrameworkProvides the ability to customize the WizardFramework class.
Public classWizardButtonsPanelRepresents a panel of wizard buttons.
Public classWizardFrameworkProvides the framework for a wizard.
Public classWizardHeaderPanelRepresents a wizard header panel.
Public classWizardHelpPanelRepresents a wizard help panel.
Public classWizardNavigationPanelRepresents a wizard navigation panel.
Public classWizardPagePanelRepresents a wizard page panel.

Public enumerationCloseReasonSpecifies the reason that the wizard is closing.
Public enumerationFrameworkButtonSpecifies the button type of the wizard or property sheet.
Public enumerationResizeModeSpecifies the resize mode.