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Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.VSIntegration.ObjectExplorer Namespace

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.VSIntegration.ObjectExplorer namespace provides classes and interfaces that are used to integrate Object Explorer features into the Visual Studio shell environment used by SQL Server Management Studio.

Public classDeferredHierarchyObjectDelays the hierarchy objects that are built from the XML file.
Public classHierarchyObjectRepresents an object that is categorized.
Public classHierarchyTreeNodeRepresents the just-in-time loading node that has its own icons and is compatible with the Explorer hierarchy.
Public classItemScopeHelperDisplays the item scope helper for the explorer.
Public classLazyNodeTree node that implements the ILazyLoadingNode object.
Public classNodesChangedEventArgsEvent arguments passed when a view provider changes its selected view.
Public classToolsMenuItemBaseImplements the IMenuItem object.
Public classViewChangedEventArgsRepresents event arguments that are passed when a view provider changes the selected view.
Public classWorkbenchHelpersProvides custom helpers for the workbench.

Public interfaceIAbortableRequestDefines a method that is requesting to abort the operation.
Public interfaceIAccessModifierDelegates the decision whether or not an item is visible.
Public interfaceIAltViewProviderRepresents the interface that allows a tree to provide multiple, switchable views on a single tree in the object explorer.
Public interfaceIAutoRefreshableItemRepresents an item that can refresh itself and its children as a result of actions from an external source, such a dialog box.
Public interfaceIColumnPropertyRepresents the individual column that can be filtered.
Public interfaceIContextChangedAllows an item to have its context changed.
Public interfaceIDragHandlerAllows a node to delegate the handling of drag operations.
Public interfaceIExplorerHierarchyRepresents a collection of nodes that will appear in the tree.
Public interfaceIExplorerHierarchyNodeRepresents a hierarchy node that lives within an IExplorerHierarchy object.
Public interfaceIExplorerRootNodeRepresents the root node for a hierarchy.
Public interfaceIFilterProviderProvides the filter information of an object.
Public interfaceIFilterRowRepresents the individual filtered item.
Public interfaceIFilterSettingsProvides the information needed to display a summary view.
Public interfaceIFilterStorageAllows the filter setting to be persisted in a hierarchy.
Public interfaceIGetChildrenRequestRetrieves children asynchronously in batches with the INavigableItem.GetChildren object.
Public interfaceIHierarchyDisposingNotifyProvides a notification that an IVsUIHierarchy object is being closed.
Public interfaceIHierarchyNodeBuilderRepresents an interface used by the object explorer to build nodes that will be displayed.
Public interfaceIIconHandlerProvides icon handling for a node in the object explorer.
Public interfaceILaunchFormHostProviderRetrieves the ILauncherFormHost interfaces contained in a service container.
Public interfaceILazyLoadingNodeAllows a node to defer the adding of child nodes to its nodes collection until the user has clicked the plus sign (+).
Public interfaceIMaintenancePlanPersistRepresents the IMaintenancePlanPersist interface used by THAT'S designer.
Public interfaceIManagedConnectionSpecifies the interface to a managed connection.
Public interfaceIMenuCommandTextChangesRepresents menu commands where the text can change dynamically.
Public interfaceIMenuHandlerProvides context menu handling for the object explorer.
Public interfaceIMenuItemRepresents the menu items that can be added to the DefaultMenuHandler class.
Public interfaceIMenuOwnerProviderProvides an owner for the context menu handler.
Public interfaceIMessageProviderProvides methods for displaying messages in a uniform way across the application.
Public interfaceIMultiSelectMenuHandlerProvides a context menu handling for the multiple items in the object explorer.
Public interfaceIMultiSelectMenuItemRepresents the menu items to be added to the DefaultMenuHandler class.
Public interfaceINameHandlerAllows a node in the object explorer to delegate its name handling.
Public interfaceINameObjectCollectionDefines a collection of associated string keys and object values that can be accessed either with the key or with an index.
Public interfaceINavigableItemRepresents the hierarchy node that lives within an IExplorerHierarchy object.
Public interfaceINavigableItemBuildSetDescribes parameters for a set of navigable items that are built together.
Public interfaceINavigationContextProvides the information for a node in the object explorer hierarchy.
Public interfaceINavigationContextProviderProvides the tracking of the currently selected item in the context source and changes to the underlying context sources.
Public interfaceINavigationEventNotificationAn interface that represents an event notification.
Public interfaceINodeContextProvides the connection and enumerator context for a node.
Public interfaceINodeInformationProvides the information for a node in the object explorer hierarchy.
Public interfaceINodeRenameSupports the in place renaming of a hierarchy node.
Public interfaceINodeStateChangedAllows a tree node derived class to be notified when some internal state has changed. The node can update its appearance accordingly.
Public interfaceINodeWithActionsAllows a tree node to expose the default actions and a property dialog box.
Public interfaceINodeWithAltNameAllows a node to have a name that is distinct from the text property.
Public interfaceINodeWithDragAllows a node to indicate whether it supports dragging.
Public interfaceINodeWithEditAllows a node to indicate if it can be edited, and if it can handle the new name.
Public interfaceINodeWithIconAllows a node to specify its icons that are to be displayed directly without worrying about where they are in the image index of the tree.
Public interfaceINodeWithMenuAllows a node to be responsible for its own context menu.
Public interfaceINodeWithVisibilityAllows a TreeNode to dynamically decide whether or not it is visible (shown) in the tree.
Public interfaceINotifyItemChangedCOM visible interface that allows control of the object explorer.
Public interfaceINotifyWhenAddedToTreeAllows the tree to notify when a node has been added.
Public interfaceIObjectExplorerServiceCOM visible interface that allows control of the object explorer.
Public interfaceIPropertyHandlerDefines a means of adding extra properties to the nodes property bag.
Public interfaceIQueryListSupports querying filterable column, and building a list of filtered nodes.
Public interfaceIQueryProviderSupports querying filterable columns and building a list of filtered nodes.
Public interfaceIRefreshableNodeAllows a node to refresh itself and its children.
Public interfaceIRemovableItemAllows an item to be removed from its hierarchy.
Public interfaceIToolTipHandlerProvides custom tooltip text to an explorer hierarchy node.
Public interfaceIUIObjectMetadataProvides an interface for the UIObjectMetadata class.
Public interfaceIUIObjectTypeInfoRepresents information about the type of the UIObject.
Public interfaceIUpdateChildrenRequestInterface used with INavigableItem.UpdateChildren to load a set of fields across all children asynchronously.
Public interfaceIUpdateStateHandles state updates.
Public interfaceIViewTypeDescribes every view type in the object explorer.
Public interfaceIWinformsMenuHandlerAllows an object to build a menu that is compatible with Windows Forms menus.

Public delegateBuildChildrenRepresents the methods that will handle the asynchronous build.
Public delegateGettingChildrenCallbackHandles the operation to retrieve the children asynchronously.
Public delegateNodesChangedEventHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle the event when nodes in the object explorer are changed.
Public delegateViewChangedEventHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle an event handler when an IAltViewProvider object changes the selected view.

Public enumerationFilterOperatorSpecifies the supported filter operations.
Public enumerationItemScopeEnumerates the scope of the items in the explorer.