Microsoft.SqlServer.MessageBox Namespace

The exception message box is a programmatic interface that is installed with and used by Microsoft SQL Server 2005 graphical components. The exception message box is a supported interface that you can use in your custom applications to provide significantly more control over the messaging experience than is provided by the MessageBox class. It also gives your users the options to save error message content for later reference and to get help on messages.

The namespace of the exception message box implies that this programming interface is only for use with SQL Server. However, it can be used in any application that is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0.

CopyToClipboardEventArgsReturns information when the OnCopyToClipboard event occurs.
ExceptionMessageBoxDisplays a message box that can be customized with text, buttons, and symbols to improve the customer experience with a Microsoft Windows .NET Framework-based application.

CopyToClipboardEventHandlerDelegate that handles the OnCopyToClipboard event that occurs when error information is copied to the Clipboard.

ExceptionMessageBoxButtonsSpecifies the button to display in the exception message box.
ExceptionMessageBoxDefaultButtonSets the default button in the exception message box.
ExceptionMessageBoxDialogResultIdentifies the button that the user clicked to close the exception message box when custom text buttons are used.
ExceptionMessageBoxOptionsSpecifies miscellaneous display options for the exception message box.
ExceptionMessageBoxSymbolSpecifies the symbol that is displayed in the exception message box.

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