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ReplicationObject.ConnectionContext Property


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

Gets or sets the connection to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo.dll)

public ServerConnection ConnectionContext { get; set; }

This property is required if the object instance was not created using a constructor with a connectionContext parameter.

Legacy Code Example

			// Set the Publisher, publication database, and publication names.
			string publisherName = publisherInstance;
			string publicationName = "AdvWorksSalesOrdersMerge";
			string publicationDbName = "AdventureWorks2012";

			ReplicationDatabase publicationDb;
			MergePublication publication;

			// Create a connection to the Publisher.
			ServerConnection conn = new ServerConnection(publisherName);

				// Connect to the Publisher.

				// Enable the database for merge publication.				
				publicationDb = new ReplicationDatabase(publicationDbName, conn);
				if (publicationDb.LoadProperties())
					if (!publicationDb.EnabledMergePublishing)
						publicationDb.EnabledMergePublishing = true;
					// Do something here if the database does not exist. 
					throw new ApplicationException(String.Format(
						"The {0} database does not exist on {1}.",
						publicationDb, publisherName));

				// Set the required properties for the merge publication.
				publication = new MergePublication();
				publication.ConnectionContext = conn;
				publication.Name = publicationName;
				publication.DatabaseName = publicationDbName;

                // Enable precomputed partitions.
                publication.PartitionGroupsOption = PartitionGroupsOption.True;

				// Specify the Windows account under which the Snapshot Agent job runs.
				// This account will be used for the local connection to the 
				// Distributor and all agent connections that use Windows Authentication.
				publication.SnapshotGenerationAgentProcessSecurity.Login = winLogin;
				publication.SnapshotGenerationAgentProcessSecurity.Password = winPassword;

				// Explicitly set the security mode for the Publisher connection
				// Windows Authentication (the default).
				publication.SnapshotGenerationAgentPublisherSecurity.WindowsAuthentication = true;

				// Enable Subscribers to request snapshot generation and filtering.
				publication.Attributes |= PublicationAttributes.AllowSubscriberInitiatedSnapshot;
                publication.Attributes |= PublicationAttributes.DynamicFilters;

                // Enable pull and push subscriptions.
                publication.Attributes |= PublicationAttributes.AllowPull;
                publication.Attributes |= PublicationAttributes.AllowPush;

				if (!publication.IsExistingObject)
					// Create the merge publication.
					// Create a Snapshot Agent job for the publication.
					throw new ApplicationException(String.Format(
						"The {0} publication already exists.", publicationName));

			catch (Exception ex)
				// Implement custom application error handling here.
				throw new ApplicationException(String.Format(
					"The publication {0} could not be created.", publicationName), ex);
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