BeginDialogStatement Class

Represents the BEGIN DIALOG statement.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom (in Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom.dll)

public class BeginDialogStatement : TSqlStatement

The BeginDialogStatement type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginDialogStatementInitializes a new instance of the BeginDialogStatement class.

Public propertyContractNameGets or sets the contract that this conversation follows.
Public propertyFirstTokenIndexGets or sets the first token index. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyFragmentLengthGets the fragment length. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyHandleGets or sets the conversation handle.
Public propertyInitiatorServiceNameGets or sets the service that initiates the dialog. It can be an Identifier or a literal.
Public propertyInstanceSpecGets or sets the database that hosts the target service. It can be a string Literal or a Variable.
Public propertyIsConversationGets or sets a value that indicates whether CONVERSATION is specified.
Public propertyLastTokenIndexGets or sets the last token index. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyOptionsGets or sets the collection of dialog options.
Public propertyScriptTokenStreamGets or sets a list of token streams. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyStartColumnGets the starting column. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyStartLineGets the starting line. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyStartOffsetGets the fragment start offset value. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyTargetServiceNameGets or sets the target service with which to initiate the dialog. It can be a string Literal or a Variable.

Public methodAcceptIndicates the entry point for a given visitor. (Overrides TSqlFragment.Accept(TSqlFragmentVisitor).)
Public methodAcceptChildrenCalls Accept on the children with the given visitor. (Overrides TSqlStatement.AcceptChildren(TSqlFragmentVisitor).)
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