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ColumnType Enumeration

Specifies the Column Types, used for class Column.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom (in Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom.dll)

public enum ColumnType

Member nameDescription
IdentityColThe type is IdentityCol.
PseudoColumnActionThe type is PseudoColumnAction.
PseudoColumnCuidThe type is PseudoColumnCuid.
PseudoColumnIdentityThe type is PseudoColumnIdentity.
PseudoColumnRowGuidThe type is PseudoColumnRowGuid.
RegularThe type is Regular.
RowGuidColThe type is RowGuidCol.
WildcardThe type is Wildcard.

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