SecurityObjectKind Enumeration

Specifies the types of security objects.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom (in Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom.dll)

public enum SecurityObjectKind

Member nameDescription
ApplicationRoleThe object is ApplicationRole.
AssemblyThe object is Assembly.
AsymmetricKeyThe object is AsymmetricKey.
AvailabilityGroupThe object is AvailabilityGroup.
CertificateThe object is Certificate.
ContractThe object is Contract.
DatabaseThe object is Database.
EndpointThe object is Endpoint.
FullTextCatalogThe object is FullTextCatalog.
FullTextStopListThe object is FullTextStopList.
LoginThe object is Login.
MessageTypeThe object is MessageType.
NotSpecifiedThe object is NotSpecified.
ObjectThe object is Object.
RemoteServiceBindingThe object is RemoteServiceBinding.
RoleThe object is Role.
RouteThe object is Route.
SchemaThe object is Schema.
SearchPropertyListThe object is SearchPropertyList.
ServerThe object is Server.
ServerRoleThe object is ServerRole.
ServiceThe object is Service.
SymmetricKeyThe object is SymmetricKey.
TypeThe object is Type.
UserThe object is User.
XmlSchemaCollectionThe object is XmlSchemaCollection.

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