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Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Metadata Namespace

Applies To: CRM 2015 on-prem, CRM Online

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change in future releases.]

AssociatedMenuConfigurationDefines how the associated records are displayed for an entity relationship.
AttributeMetadataContains all the metadata for an entity attribute.
AttributeRequiredLevelManagedPropertyRepresents the data to define a RequiredLevel property for an attribute.
AttributeTypeDisplayNameProvides a list of types of attributes used by AttributeMetadata.AttributeTypeName
BigIntAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute type BigInt.
BooleanAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute type Boolean.
BooleanOptionSetMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute of type Boolean.
CascadeConfigurationContains properties representing actions that may be performed on the referenced entity in a one-to-many entity relationship.
ConstantsBaseA base class for static classes whose properties represent constants
DateTimeAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute of type DateTime.
DateTimeBehaviorSpecifies the behavior of a DateTimeAttributeMetadata attribute using the DateTimeBehavior property.
DecimalAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute type Decimal.
DoubleAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute type Double.
EntityKeyMetadataRepresents the entity key metadata.
EntityMetadataContains the metadata for an entity.
EntityMetadataCollectionDefines a collection of EntityMetadata
EntityNameAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute that references an entity.
EnumAttributeMetadataContains the data for an attribute that provides options.
ImageAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute type Image.
IntegerAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute type Integer.
LookupAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute of type lookup.
ManagedPropertyAttributeMetadataFor internal use only.
ManagedPropertyMetadataFor internal use only.
ManyToManyRelationshipMetadataContains the metadata for a many-to-many entity relationship.
MemoAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for the attribute type Memo.
MetadataBaseSpecifies the base class for classes that contains metadata information.
MoneyAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute type Money.
OneToManyRelationshipMetadataContains the metadata for a one-to-many entity relationship.
OptionMetadataContains metadata representing an option within an Option set.
OptionMetadataCollectionContains the options in for the OptionSetMetadata.Options class.
OptionSetMetadataContains metadata that defines a set of options.
OptionSetMetadataBaseContains data that defines a set of options.
PicklistAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute type Picklist.
RelationshipMetadataBaseContains the metadata for an entity relationship.
SecurityPrivilegeMetadataContains the metadata that describes a security privilege for access to an entity.
StateAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute of type State.
StateOptionMetadataContains data to define an option for the options in a State attribute.
StatusAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute of type Status.
StatusOptionMetadataContains one of the possible values for an attribute of type Status.
StringAttributeMetadataContains the metadata for an attribute of type String.
StringFormatNameSpecifies the format of a StringAttributeMetadata attribute using the FormatName property.

AssociatedMenuBehaviorDescribes the behavior of the associated menu for a one-to-many relationship.
AssociatedMenuGroupDescribes the group in which to display the associated menu for an entity relationship
AttributeRequiredLevelDescribes the requirement level for an attribute.
AttributeTypeCodeDescribes the type of an attribute.
CascadeTypeDescribes the type of behavior for a specific action applied to the referenced entity in a one-to-many entity relationship.
DateTimeFormatDescribes the formatting of a DateTimeAttributeMetadata attribute.
EntityFiltersDescribes the type of entity metadata to retrieve.
ImeModeDescribes the input method editor mode
IntegerFormatDescribes the formatting of an integer attribute.
ManagedPropertyEvaluationPriorityFor internal use only.
ManagedPropertyOperationFor internal use only.
ManagedPropertyTypeFor internal use only.
OptionSetTypeIndicates the type of option set.
OwnershipTypesSpecifies the type of ownership for an entity.
PrivilegeTypeDescribes the type of operation for the privilege
RelationshipTypeSpecifies the type of entity relationship.
SecurityTypesDescribes the security type for the relationship.
StringFormatDeprecated. Describes the formatting of a string attribute for the StringAttributeMetadata.Format property.

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