Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

Returns a list of information and values about the standard and provider-specific properties that are supported by the Microsoft XML for Analysis (XMLA) provider for the specified data source. Unsupported properties are not listed in the returned result set.

If you call the Discover method with the DISCOVER_PROPERTIES enumeration value in the RequestType element, the Discover method returns the DISCOVER_PROPERTIES rowset..

The DISCOVER_PROPERTIES rowset contains the following columns.

Column nameTypeLengthDescription
PropertyNameDBTYPE_WSTRThe name of the property.
PropertyDescriptionDBTYPE_WSTRA localizable text description of the property. May return NULL.
PropertyTypeDBTYPE_WSTRThe XML data type of the property.

May return NULL.
PropertyAccessTypeDBTYPE_WSTRThe access for the property. The value can be Read, Write, or ReadWrite.
IsRequiredDBTYPE_BOOLA Boolean that indicates whether a property is required.

True if a property is required; false if it is not required.

May return NULL.
ValueDBTYPE_WSTRThe current value of the property.

May return NULL.

This schema rowset is not sorted.

The DISCOVER_PROPERTIES rowset can be restricted on the column listed in the following table.

Column nameType indicatorRestriction State

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