Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

Describes the data mining functions that are supported by the data mining algorithms available on a server that is running Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

The DMSCHEMA_MINING_FUNCTIONS rowset contains the following columns.

Column nameType indicatorLengthDescription
SERVICE_NAMEDBTYPE_WSTRThe name of the algorithm.
FUNCTION_NAMEDBTYPE_WSTRThe name of the function.
FUNCTION_SIGNATUREDBTYPE_WSTRThe signature of the function.
RETURNS_TABLEDBTYPE_BOOLFALSE if the function returns scalar content (such as the length of the character argument); TRUE if the function returns a table (such as a histogram table).
DESCRIPTIONDBTYPE_WSTRA user-friendly description of the function.
HELP_FILEDBTYPE_WSTRThe name of the file that contains this function's documentation.
HELP_CONTEXTDBTYPE_I4The Help context ID for this function.

The DMSCHEMA_MINING_FUNCTIONS rowset can be restricted on the columns listed in the following table.

Column nameType indicatorRestriction State

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