Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

Returns the XML structure of the mining model. The format of the XML string follows the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML 2.1) standard.

The DMSCHEMA_MINING_MODEL_CONTENT_PMML rowset contains the following columns.

Column nameType indicatorLengthDescription
MODEL_CATALOGDBTYPE_WSTRThe catalog name that is populated with the name of the database of which the model is a member.
MODEL_SCHEMADBTYPE_WSTRThe unqualified schema name. This column is not supported by Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services; it always contains NULL.
MODEL_NAMEDBTYPE_WSTRThe model name. This column cannot contain NULL.
MODEL_TYPEDBTYPE_WSTRThe model type. It is a provider-specific string. It can be NULL.
MODEL_GUIDDBTYPE_GUIDThe GUID that identifies the model. Providers that do not use GUIDs to identify tables return NULL.
MODEL_PMMLDBTYPE_WSTRAn XML representation of the model's content in PMML format.
SIZEDBTYPE_UI4The number of bytes in the XML string.
LOCATIONDBTYPE_WSTRThe location of the XML file. It is NULL if no location is available.

This schema rowset is not sorted.

The DMSCHEMA_MINING_MODEL_CONTENT_PMML rowset can be restricted on the columns listed in the following table.

Column nameType indicatorRestriction State

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