AllowDrillThrough Element (ASSL)

Determines whether drillthrough is permitted on the parent element.

<MiningModel> <!-- or MiningModelPermission -->
<!-- or MiningStructurePermission -->   ...



Data type and length


Default value



0-1: Optional element that can occur one time and only one time.

The elements that correspond to the parents of AllowDrillThrough in the Analysis Management Objects (AMO) object model are [T:Microsoft.AnalysisServices.MiningModel,] MiningModelPermission, and MiningStructurePermission.

Drillthrough on Mining Structures

In SQL Server 2008, you can define AllowDrillthrough permissions for mining structures as well as mining models. When you assign this permission to a role, any member of that role can query the data mining model, and return structure columns that were not included in the model. For example, you create a model that uses only these columns: customer key, customer income, and customer purchases. If you enable drillthrough on the model, users can return information in other columns of the mining structure, such as customer e-mails or names.

Therefore, to protect sensitive data, use caution when you add columns to the mining structure. Also, grant AllowDrillthrough permission on a structure only when it is required.

To drill through to structure columns, use a query with one of the following forms:

SELECT * FROM <structure>.CASES


SELECT StructureColumn('<structure-column-name>') FROM <model>.CASES

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