ISSAsynchStatus::Abort (OLE DB)


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Cancels an asynchronously executing operation.

HRESULT Abort(  
        HCHAPTER hChapter,  
        DBASYNCHOP eOperation);  

The handle of the chapter for which to abort the operation. If the object being called is not a rowset object or the operation does not apply to a chapter, the caller must set hChapter to DB_NULL_HCHAPTER.

The operation to abort. This should be the following value:

DBASYNCHOP_OPEN—The request to cancel applies to the asynchronous opening or population of a rowset or to the asynchronous initialization of a data source object.

The request to cancel the asynchronous operation was processed. This does not guarantee that the operation itself was canceled. To determine whether the operation was canceled, the consumer should call ISSAsynchStatus::GetStatus and check for DB_E_CANCELED; however, it might not be returned in the very next call.

The asynchronous operation cannot be canceled.

The request to abort the asynchronous operation was canceled during notifications. The operation is still being executed asynchronously.

A provider-specific error occurred.

The hChapter parameter is not DB_NULL_HCHAPTER or eOperation is not DBASYNCH_OPEN.

ISSAsynchStatus::Abort was called on a data source object on which IDBInitialize::Initialize has not been called, or has not completed.

ISSAsynchStatus::Abort was called on a data source object on which IDBInitialize::Initialize was called but subsequently canceled before initialization, or has timed out. The data source object is still uninitialized.

ISSAsynchStatus::Abort was called on a rowset on which ITransaction::Commit or ITransaction::Abort was previously called, and the rowset did not survive the commit or abort and is in a zombie state.

ISSAsynchStatus::Abort was called on a rowset that was asynchronously canceled in its initialization phase. The rowset is in a zombie state.

Aborting the initialization of a rowset or data source object might leave the rowset or data source object in a zombie state, such that all methods other than IUnknown methods return E_UNEXPECTED. When this happens, the only possible action for the consumer is to release the rowset or data source object.

Calling ISSAsynchStatus::Abort and passing a value for eOperation other than DBASYNCHOP_OPEN returns S_OK. This does not imply that the operation completed or was canceled.

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