Performs an empty prediction join, returning the most probable value or values for the specified columns. Only the content from the mining model is used to create the prediction.

SELECT <expression list> [TOP <n>] FROM <model> 
[WHERE <condition list>] 
[ORDER BY <expression> [DESC|ASC]]

expression list

A comma-separated list of expressions, or of predict or predict only columns.


Optional. An integer that specifies how many rows to return.


A model identifier.

condition list

Optional. Conditions to restrict the values that are returned from the column list.


Optional. An expression that returns a scalar value.

The columns in the expression list must be defined as predict or predict only, or related to a predictable column.

The following example performs an empty prediction join on the Bike Buyer column, returning the most likely state in the TM Naive Bayes mining model.

SELECT ([Bike Buyer]) FROM [TM_Naive_Bayes]

The following example performs a prediction on the Amount column in the Forecasting model, returning the next four time steps. The Model Region column combines bike models and regions into a single identifier. The query uses the PredictTimeSeries (DMX) function to perform the prediction.

SELECT [Model Region], PredictTimeSeries(Amount, 4) 
FROM Forecasting

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