Creates a new mining model that is built on the mining structure of an existing mining model. The SELECT INTO statement creates the new mining model by copying schema and other information that is not specific to the actual algorithm.

SELECT INTO <new model> 
USING <algorithm> [(<parameter list>)] [WITH DRILLTHROUGH]
FROM <existing model>

new model

A unique name for the new model that is being created.


The provider-defined name of a data mining algorithm.

parameter list

Optional. A comma-separated list of provider-defined parameters for the algorithm.

existing model

The name of the existing model to be copied.

If the existing model is trained, the new model is automatically processed with the same query. Otherwise, the new model remains unprocessed.

The SELECT INTO statement works only if the structure of the existing model is compatible with the algorithm of the new model.

The WITH DRILLTHROUGH clause enables drillthrough on the new mining model. Drillthrough can only be enabled when you create the model.

The following example creates a new mining model based on the existing MyClustering mining model. The CLUSTER_COUNT is modified so that a maximum of five clusters will exist in the new model.

SELECT * INTO [New_Clustering]
USING [Microsoft_Clustering] (CLUSTER_COUNT = 5) 
FROM [TM Clustering]

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