PredictSequence (DMX)


Updated: March 2, 2016

Predicts future sequence values for a specified set of sequence data.

PredictSequence(<table column reference>)  
PredictSequence(<table column reference, n>)  
PredictSequence(<table column reference, n-start, n-end>)  

A <table expression>.

If the n parameter is specified, it returns the following values:

  • If n is greater than zero, the most likely sequence values in the next n steps.

  • If both n-start and n-end are specified, the sequence values from n-start to n-end.

The following example returns a sequence of the five products that are most likely to be purchased by a customer in the Adventure Works DW Multidimensional 2012 database based on the Sequence Clustering mining model.

  PredictSequence([Sequence Clustering].[v Assoc Seq Line Items],5)  
  [Sequence Clustering]  

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