Replaces the source data query with a query to an existing data source. The INSERT, SELECT FROM PREDICTION JOIN, and SELECT FROM NATURAL PREDICTION JOIN statements support OPENQUERY.

OPENQUERY(<named datasource>, <query syntax>)

named datasource

A data source that exists on the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) database.

query syntax

A query syntax that returns a rowset.

You can get a list of the data sources available on the server by querying the MDSCHEMA_INPUT_DATASOURCES schema rowset. For more information about using MDSCHEMA_INPUT_DATASOURCES, see MDSCHEMA_INPUT_DATASOURCES Rowset.

OPENQUERY provides a more secure way to access external data by supporting data source permissions. Because the connection string is pulled directly from the data source, administrators can use the properties of the data source to manage access to the data. For more information about data sources, see Working with Data Sources (Analysis Services).

The following example uses the MyDS data source already defined on the Analysis Services database to create a connection to the AdventureWorksDW database and query the vTargetMail view.


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