Loads a mining model or mining structure from an Analysis Services Backup File (.abf) file onto the server.

IMPORT [<object type> <object name>[, <object name>] [<object type> <object name>[, <object name] ] ] FROM <filename>

object type

Optional. The type of the object to import (either mining model or mining structure).

object name

Optional. The name of the object to import.


The name and location of the .cub file to import as a string.

If no objects are specified, the entire contents of the .abf file will be loaded. If the .abf file includes a database that does not exist on the server, the database will be created.

You must be a database or server administrator to export or import objects.

The following example imports the entire contents of the TM Cluster file onto the server.

IMPORT FROM 'C:\TEMP\Association_NEW.abf'

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