How to: Use a Data Source in a Package

A connection manager can be based on a data source object. The data source object is built outside of the package and then referenced in the connection manager. The data source object connects only to a relational data source, using either one of the .NET providers or an OLE DB provider.

Using a data source object makes it easy to manage and synchronize the properties of connection managers based on the same data source object. For more information, see Data Source (SSIS).

To add a data source reference

  1. In Business Intelligence Development Studio, open the Integration Services project that contains the package you want.

  2. In Solution Explorer, double-click the package to open it.

  3. To make the Connection Managers area available, click the Control Flow, the Data Flow, or the Event Handlers tab in SSIS Designer.

  4. Right-click within the Connection Managers area and then click New Connection From Data Source. The Select Data Source dialog box opens, listing the available data source objects.

    For information about creating data source objects, see How to: Define a Data Source Using the Data Source Wizard (Analysis Services).

  5. Click the data source object you want to use.

  6. Click OK.

  7. To save the updated package, click Save Selected Items on the File menu.

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