OLE DB Connection Manager


An OLE DB connection manager enables a package to connect to a data source by using an OLE DB provider. For example, an OLE DB connection manager that connects to SQL Server can use the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server.

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The SQL Server Native Client 11.0 OLEDB provider does not support the new connection string key words (MultiSubnetFailover=True) for Multi-Subnet Failover Clustering. For more information, see the SQL Server Release Notes and the blog post, AlwaysOn Multi-Subnet Failover and SSIS, on www.mattmasson.com.

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If the data source is Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or Microsoft Office Access 2007, the data source requires a different data provider than earlier versions of Excel or Access. For more information, see Connect to an Excel Workbook and Connect to an Access Database.

Several SQL Server Integration Services tasks and data flow components use an OLE DB connection manager. For example, the OLE DB source and OLE DB destination use this connection manager to extract and load data, and the Execute SQL task can use this connection manager to connect to a SQL Server database to run queries.

The OLE DB connection manager is also used to access OLE DB data sources in custom tasks written in unmanaged code that uses a language such as C++.

When you add an OLE DB connection manager to a package, Integration Services creates a connection manager that will resolve to an OLE DB connection at run time, sets the connection manager properties, and adds the connection manager to the Connections collection on the package.

The ConnectionManagerType property of the connection manager is set to OLEDB.

The OLE DB connection manager can be configured in the following ways:

  • Provide a specific connection string configured to meet the requirements of the selected provider.

  • Depending on the provider, include the name of the data source to connect to.

  • Provide security credentials as appropriate for the selected provider.

  • Indicate whether the connection that is created from the connection manager is retained at run time.

You can log the calls that the OLE DB connection manager makes to external data providers. You can use this logging capability to troubleshoot the connections that the OLE DB connection manager makes to external data sources. To log the calls that the OLE DB connection manager makes to external data providers, enable package logging and select the Diagnostic event at the package level. For more information, see Troubleshooting Tools for Package Execution.

You can set properties through SSIS Designer or programmatically. For more information about the properties that you can set in SSIS Designer, see Configure OLE DB Connection Manager. For information about configuring a connection manager programmatically, see the documentation for T:Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.ConnectionManager class in the Developer Guide.

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