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Mtd (MDX)

Returns a set of sibling members from the same level as a given member, starting with the first sibling and ending with the given member, as constrained by the Year level in the Time dimension.

Mtd( [ Member_Expression ] )


A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a member.

If a member expression is not specified, the default is the current member of the first hierarchy with a level of type Months in the first dimension of type Time in the measure group.

The Mtd function is a shortcut function for the PeriodsToDate function when the Type property of the attribute hierarchy on which a level is based is set to Months. That is, Mtd(Member_Expression) is equivalent to PeriodsToDate(Month_Level_Expression,Member_Expression).


The following example returns the sum of the month to date freight costs for Internet sales for the month of July, 2002 through the 20th day of July.

      MTD([Date].[Calendar].[Date].[July 20, 2002])
     , [Measures].[Internet Freight Cost]
SELECT Measures.x ON 0
FROM [Adventure Works]
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