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MDX Scripting Statements (MDX)

Topic Status: Some information in this topic is preview and subject to change in future releases. Preview information describes new features or changes to existing features in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2).

In Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), the following statements manage context, scope, and control of flow within MDX scripts.




Calculates a subcube, optionally determining the solve order of dimensions included within the subcube.

CASE Statement (MDX)

Lets you conditionally return specific values from multiple comparisons.


Forces a specified set to be evaluated within the current context.

FREEZE Statement (MDX)

Locks the cell values of a specified subcube to their current values.

IF Statement (MDX)

Executes a statement if the condition is true.

SCOPE Statement (MDX)

Limits the scope of specified MDX statements to a specified subcube.

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