This (MDX)

Returns the current subcube for use with assignments in the Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) calculation script.


The This function can be used in the place of any subcube expression to provide the current subcube within the current scope within the MDX calculation script. The This function must be used on the left side of an assignment.

The following MDX Script fragment shows how the This keyword can be used with SCOPE statements to make assignments to subcubes:



[Date].[Fiscal Year].&[2005],

[Date].[Fiscal].[Fiscal Quarter].Members,

[Measures].[Sales Amount Quota]

) ;

This = ParallelPeriod


[Date].[Fiscal].[Fiscal Year], 1,


) * 1.35 ;

/*-- Allocate equally to months in FY 2002 -----------------------------*/



[Date].[Fiscal Year].&[2002],


) ;

This = [Date].[Fiscal].CurrentMember.Parent / 3 ;

End Scope ;

End Scope;

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