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Ascendants (MDX)

Returns the set of the ascendants of a specified member, including the member itself.



A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a member.

The Ascendants function returns all of the ancestors of a member from the member itself up to the top of the member’s hierarchy; more specifically, it performs a post-order traversal of the hierarchy for the specified member, and then returns all ascendant members related to the member, including itself, in a set. This is in contrast to the Ancestor function, which returns a specific ascendant member, or ancestor, at a specific level.

The following example returns the count of reseller orders for the [Sales Territory].[Northwest] member and all the ascendants of that member from the Adventure Works cube. The Ascendants function constructs the set that includes the [Sales Territory].[Northwest] member and its ascendants for the ROWS axis.

   Measures.[Reseller Order Count] ON COLUMNS,
         [Sales Territory].[Northwest]
   ) ON ROWS
   [Adventure Works]
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