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Ytd (MDX)

Returns a set of sibling members from the same level as a given member, starting with the first sibling and ending with the given member, as constrained by the Year level in the Time dimension.

Ytd( [ Member_Expression ] )


A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a member.

If a member expression is not specified, the default is the current member of the first hierarchy with a level of type Years in the first dimension of type Time in the measure group.

The Ytd function is a shortcut function for the PeriodsToDate function where the Type property of the attribute hierarchy on which the level is based is set to Years. That is, Ytd(Member_Expression) is equivalent to PeriodsToDate(Year_Level_Expression,Member_Expression). Note that this function will not work when the Type property is set to FiscalYears.


The following example returns the sum of the Measures.[Order Quantity] member, aggregated over the first eight months of calendar year 2003 that are contained in the Date dimension, from the Adventure Works cube.

WITH MEMBER [Date].[Calendar].[First8MonthsCY2003] AS
        YTD([Date].[Calendar].[Month].[August 2003])
    [Date].[Calendar].[First8MonthsCY2003] ON COLUMNS,
    [Product].[Category].Children ON ROWS
    [Adventure Works]
    [Measures].[Order Quantity]

Ytd is frequently used in combination with no parameters specified, meaning that the CurrentMember (MDX) function will display a running cumulative year-to-date total in a report, as shown in the following query:


AGGREGATE(YTD(), [Measures].[Internet Sales Amount])

SELECT {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount], MEASURES.YTDDEMO} ON 0,

[Date].[Calendar].MEMBERS ON 1

FROM [Adventure Works]

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