Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Product NameSQL Server
Event ID21286
ComponentSQL Server Database Engine
Symbolic Name
Message TextConflict table '%s' does not exist.

This error is raised if the conflict table for an article listed in sysmergearticles (Transact-SQL) does not actually exist. The error can occur when you attempt to add a column to or drop a column from a table published for merge replication.

Execute DBCC CHECKDB (Transact-SQL) on the database with the missing conflict table to verify there are no data consistency issues.

If the conflict table is missing on a Subscriber, drop the subscription and recreate it. If the conflict table is missing on a Publisher, drop all subscriptions, drop the publication, and then recreate the publication and all subscriptions. For more information, see Publish Data and Database Objects and Subscribe to Publications.

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