Managing Report Sessions Using a URL

SQL Server 2008 R2

Applications can submit a report session ID through a URL.

You can manage report sessions by supplying one of the following URL parameters:

  • rs:SessionID=ID specifies an established active report session between the client application and the report server. The value of this parameter is set to the session identifier.

  • rs:ClearSession=true directs the report server to remove a report from the report session. All report instances associated with an authenticated user are removed from the report session. (A report instance is defined as the same report run multiple times with different report parameter values.)

  • rs:ResetSession=true directs the report server to reset the report session by removing the report session's association with all report snapshots.

You can specify the session ID as a cookie or as part of the URL. When the report server has been configured not to use session cookies, the first request without a specified session ID results in a redirection with a session ID. For more information about report server sessions, see Identifying Execution State.

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