MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting Members


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

The MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting class contains the following properties and methods.

ConnectionPoolSizeReturns the connection pool size used by the report server to communicate with the SQL Server Database Engine instance that hosts the report server database. Read-only.
DatabaseLogonAccountSpecifies the login account used by the report server to connect to the SQL Server Database Engine instance that hosts the report server database. Read-only.
DatabaseLogonTimeoutSpecifies the number of seconds to wait before an attempt to log on to the report server database fails. Read-only.
DatabaseLogonTypeSpecifies whether the report server uses a Windows service account, a Windows user account, or a SQL Server login to access the report server database. Read-only.
DatabaseNameSpecifies the name of the SQL Server instance that hosts the report server database.
DatabaseQueryTimeoutSpecifies the number of seconds that must elapse before the command fails or times out. The report server is timing the process against the report server database, not a data source for the report.
DatabaseServerNameSpecifies the name of the server on which the report server database is installed.
InstallationID PropertyReturns a unique identifier for a specific report server instance.
InstanceNameSpecifies the name of a report server instance on a specific computer.
IsInitializedIndicates whether the report server instance is initialized. Read-only.
IsSharePointIntegratedIndicates whether the report server is configured for SharePoint integrated mode.
IsWebServiceEnabledIndicates whether the Report Server Web service is enabled. Read-only.
IsWindowsServiceEnabledIndicates whether the Report Server Windows service is enabled. Read-only.
MachineAccountIdentity Property (WMI)Gets the machine account identity of the computer that the report server is installed on.
PathNameSpecifies the installation path to a report server instance.
SecureConnectionLevelReturns the secure connection level specified in the RSReportServer.config file.
SenderEmailAddressGets the address used to send e-mail from the report server. Read-only.
SendUsingSMTPServerSpecifies whether the SendUsing property in the e-mail configuration is set to TRUE.
SMTPServerGets the SMTP server property from the RSReportServer.config file. Read-only.
UnattendedExecutionAccountSpecifies the login user account that the report server impersonates when running reports unattended. Read-only.
VersionReturns the version of the report server.
VirtualDirectoryReportManager Property (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Returns the virtual directory for the report manager application
VirtualDirectoryReportServer Property (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Returns the Virtual directory for the report server web service application.
WindowsServiceIdentityActualReturns the identity that the Report Server Windows service is actually running under. Read-only.
WindowsServiceIdentityConfiguredReturns the identity that the Report Server Windows service was last configured to run under. Read-only.
BackupEncryptionKeyBacks up the encryption key for the instance. The encryption key is stored encrypted with a password.
CreateSSLCertificateBinding Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Creates an SSL Certificate binding.
DeleteEncryptedInformationDeletes the encrypted information from the report server database.
DeleteEncryptionKeyDeletes the encryption keys from the report server database.
GenerateDatabaseCreationScriptGenerates an SQL script that can be used to create the report server database.
GenerateDatabaseRightsScriptGenerates an SQL script that can be used to grant a user permissions to the report server database.
GenerateDatabaseUpgradeScriptGenerates an SQL script that can be used to upgrade a report server database.
GetAdminSiteUrl Method (WMI)Gets the absolute URL to the Central Administration Web site.
GetDatabaseVersionDisplayNameGets the display name for a given report server database version string.
InitializeReportServerInitializes the specified report server instance.
ListInstalledSharePointVersions Method (WMI)Returns a set of tokens that represent the versions of Windows SharePoint Services Office SharePoint Server, SharePoint Foundation 2010, or SharePoint Server 2010 that are installed on the same computer as the report server.
ListIPAddresses Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Lists IP addresses for the computer.
ListReportServersInDatabaseReturns a list of report server installations that are present in the report server database, regardless of whether those installations have access to secure information.
ListReservedURLs Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Lists URLs reserved for all applications on the report server.
ListSSLCertificateBindings Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Lists SSL certificate bindings that exist in HTTP.SYS and those expected from rsreportserver.config.
ListSSLCertificates Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Lists installed SSL certificates on the computer.
ReencryptSecureInformationGenerates a new encryption key and re-encrypts all secure information in the report server database using this new key.
RemoveSSLCertificateBindings Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Remove an SSL Certificate binding.
RemoveUnattendedExecutionAccountDeletes the unattended execution account entry from the report server configuration.
RemoveURL Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Removes a URL reserved for the report server.
ReserveURL Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Adds a URL reservation for a given application.
RestoreEncryptionKeyReapplies the specified encryption key to the report server database.
SetDatabaseConnectionSets the report server database connection to a particular report server database.
SetDatabaseLogonTimeoutSpecifies the default time-out value for report server database logon attempts.
SetDatabaseQueryTimeoutSpecifies the default time-out value for report server database connections.
SetEmailConfigurationConfigures the e-mail delivery extension used by the report server to send e-mail.
SetSecureConnectionLevelSets the secure connection level of the report server.
SetServiceStateTurns the Report Server Windows and Web services on and off.
SetUnattendedExecutionAccountSpecifies the account used to run reports unattended.
SetVirtualDirectory Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting)Sets the virtual directory for an application.
SetWindowsServiceIdentityMakes the Report Server Windows service run as the specified Windows user, and grants this account sufficient file system permissions to allow the report server to operate.

MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting Class

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