Subscription and Delivery Methods


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

You can use these methods to create and manage subscriptions and delivery of catalog items.

CreateDataDrivenSubscriptionCreates a data-driven subscription for a specified item.
GetDataDrivenSubscriptionPropertiesReturns the properties for a data-driven subscription.
CreateSubscriptionCreates a subscription for the specified item in the report server database or SharePoint library.
DeleteSubscriptionDeletes a subscription from the report server database.
GetSubscriptionPropertiesReturns the properties of a subscription.
ListMySubscriptionsRetrieves a list of subscriptions that have been created by the current user of the report server or SharePoint site for the given catalog item.
ListSubscriptionsRetrieves a list of subscriptions that have been created for a given item.
PrepareQueryReturns a data set containing the fields retrieved by the delivery query for a data-driven subscription.
SetDataDrivenSubscriptionPropertiesSets the values of properties of a data-driven subscription.
SetSubscriptionPropertiesSets the values of properties of a subscription.

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