Reporting Services Component Overview

Updated: 14 April 2006

SQL Server Reporting Services is a set of processing components, tools, and programmatic interfaces that support the development and use of rich reports in a managed environment. The tool set includes development tools, configuration and administration tools, and report viewing tools. Programmatic interfaces include Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), URL endpoints, and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) for easy integration with new or existing applications and portals.

Processing is distributed across multiple components. Central and specialized processors are used to retrieve data, process report layout, render presentation formats, and deliver to target destinations. Presentation processing occurs after the data is retrieved and is decoupled from data processing, allowing multiple users to review the same report simultaneously in formats designed for different devices or quickly change the viewing format of the report, from HTML to PDF or Microsoft Excel or XML, with a single click. The modular architecture is designed for extensibility. Developers can include reporting functionality in custom applications or extend reporting functionality to support custom features.

The following diagram shows the Reporting Services components and tools. The diagram also shows how custom tools fit into the overall design. It shows the flow of requests and data among the server components and which components send and retrieve content from a data store. For more information about how connections are made at run time, see Connections and Accounts in a Reporting Services Deployment.

Reporting Services architecture diagram
Reporting Services architecture

Report Server

Describes the Report Server component, which provides data and report processing, and report delivery. The Report Server component includes several subcomponents that perform specific functions. This topic introduces each component of Report Server.

Report Manager

Describes the Web application tool used to access and manage the contents of a report server database.

Report Builder

Describes the report authoring tool used to create ad hoc reports.

Report Designer

Describes the report creation tool included with Reporting Services.

Model Designer

Describes the report model creation tool used to build models for ad hoc reporting.

Reporting Services Configuration Tool

Describes the configuration tool used to deploy and maintain a report server.

Report Server Command Prompt Utilities

Describes the command line utilities that you can use to administer a report server.

Browser Support in Reporting Services

Describes the Web browsers that you can use to view reports and run Web-based tools.