Level Function (Reporting Services)

Returns the current level of depth in a recursive hierarchy.



(String) (Optional). The name of a dataset, group, or data region that contains the report items to which to apply the aggregate function. If scope is not specified, the current scope is used. For more information, see Using Built-in Report and Aggregate Functions in Expressions (Reporting Services) and Calculating Totals and Other Aggregates (Reporting Services).

Returns an Integer. If scope specifies a dataset or data region, or specifies a nonrecursive grouping (that is, a grouping with no Parent element), Level returns 0. If scope is omitted, it returns the level of the current scope.

The value returned by the Level function is zero based; that is, the first level in a hierarchy is 0.

The Level function can be used to provide indentation in a recursive hierarchy, such as an employee list. For more information about recursive hierarchies, see Creating Recursive Hierarchy Groups (Reporting Services).

The following code example provides the level of row in the Employees group:


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