Troubleshooting Subscription and Delivery Problems

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Use this topic to troubleshoot problems that you encounter when working with report subscriptions and delivery.

If you are running an e-mail application with Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, you might not be able to send reports using the local POP3 server. If you configure the report server to send e-mail with the local POP3 Server and create a subscription that sends a report, you might receive the following error message:

Failure sending mail: <error message>

where <error message> is replaced with additional error message information returned from Collaboration Data Objects (CDO).

To resolve this problem, set the value of the SendUsing element in the Rsreportserver.config file to 1, and clear the value of the SMTPServer property so that it is empty. You will also need to provide a value for the SMTPServerPickupDirectory property. For more information about using a local SMTP service for e-mail delivery of reports, see Configuring a Report Server for E-Mail Delivery.

This error occurs when security policy settings on the SMTP server allow only authenticated users to submit mail for subsequent delivery. If the SMTP server does not accept e-mail submissions from anonymous users, see the system administrator about getting permission to use the server.

Note Note

This error can also occur when you specify an Exchange server name as the SMTPServer. To use an Exchange server for e-mail delivery, you must specify the name of the SMTP gateway that is configured for your Exchange server. See your Exchange administrator for this information.

Subscriptions can fail under these conditions.

  • The schedule used to trigger the report has expired. For subscriptions that trigger off of a report snapshot update, the schedule used to refresh the snapshot may be expired.

  • The report server, SQL Server Agent, or the e-mail server application is not running.

  • The report is undeliverable (for example, it is too big). To determine whether the delivery is failing because the report is too large, save the report to a file and then e-mail it. Be sure to choose the same rendering format you specified in the subscription. If you get a delivery error, use the File Share delivery extension instead of Report Server E-mail.

  • The computer used for file share delivery is not running or the file share is configured for read-only access.

  • The delivery extension specified in the subscription has been uninstalled or disabled.

  • The credential settings changed from stored to integrated or prompted values.

  • The parameter name or data type was changed in the report definition, and the report was republished. If a subscription includes a parameter that is no longer valid, the subscription becomes inactive.