Administration (Service Broker)

This section describes the tasks that are involved in administering a database that hosts a Service Broker application. Most administrative tasks are part of the regular administration for the database. This section describes how to install and manage applications, establish Service Broker identities, and monitor and troubleshoot the queues. It also describes performance and security issues.

Managing Service Broker Applications

Describes the tasks that are required to install, maintain, and uninstall Service Broker applications.

Managing Service Broker Identities

Describes how Service Broker identities protect against message misdirection.

Managing Queues and Messages

Describes how an administrator works with queues and messages.

Managing Forwarding (Service Broker)

Describes administrative considerations to manage a database that provides Service Broker message forwarding.

Managing Security (Service Broker)

Describes administrative considerations to manage the security for a Service Broker application.

Managing Routing

Describes considerations to manage routing.