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Analysis Services Documentation Map

SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) delivers both online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining functionality for business intelligence applications. Analysis Services supports OLAP by letting you design, create, and manage multidimensional structures that contain data aggregated from other data sources, such as relational databases. For data mining applications, Analysis Services lets you design, create, and visualize data mining models, constructed from other data sources by using a variety of industry-standard data mining algorithms.

For more information about Analysis Services, see these sections of the SQL Server Books Online.

Section Description

Analysis Services Concepts and Objects

Describes the concepts of OLAP and data mining functionality in Analysis Services, and also discusses the objects that are used in OLAP and data mining.

Unified Dimensional Model

Describes the UDM design method for using Analysis Services as a portal to a whole business intelligence solution.

Developing Analysis Services Solutions and Projects

Describes using projects and solutions to manage Analysis Services objects.

Working with Analysis Services Databases

Describes the concepts behind successfully designing and creating Analysis Services databases.

Working with Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Describes integrate cubes and OLAP functionality into business intelligence solutions.

Working with Data Mining

Describes the data mining process, including the tools and features available for data mining applications, in Analysis Services.

Securing Analysis Services

Explains how Analysis Services secures data and metadata at all levels within a business intelligence solution.

Deploying Analysis Services Development and Production Systems

Describes how Analysis Services projects can be staged on development Analysis Services instances, and then redeployed to production instances.

International Considerations for Analysis Services

Explains how Analysis Services supports the storage and manipulation of multilingual data.

Administering Analysis Services

Describes the management and configuration processes that are required to successfully administer Analysis Services.

Analysis Services How-to Topics

Provides specific, detailed steps to perform tasks in Analysis Services.

Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Deployment Utility

Describes the command prompt utility that lets you run the Analysis Services deployment engine.

Analysis Services F1 Help (SSAS)

Provides detailed information about every page and dialog box in Analysis Services.

Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) Reference

Provides detailed information about MDX, the scripting language used to define, handle, and retrieve data from multidimensional objects in Analysis Services.

Data Mining Extensions (DMX) Reference

Provides detailed information about DMX, the scripting language used to create and work with data mining models in Analysis Services.

Analysis Services Data Access Interfaces (SSAS)

Describes the various technologies used to access data and metadata stored on an instance of Analysis Services.

Analysis Services Administration Programming (SSAS)

Describes the various technologies used to perform administrative tasks on an instance of Analysis Services.

Analysis Services Tutorials

Provides a series of lessons that take you through the steps of creating an Analysis Services project, and defining various Analysis Services objects, processing the project, and finally deploying the project.

Data Mining Tutorials

Provides a series of lessons that take you through the steps of creating a data mining solution and developing three different mining models.

Another avenue into the documentation is through SQL Server Analysis Services (How Do I?), which provides links to common tasks and frequently-accessed conceptual information.

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