Lesson 8: Defining Actions


In this lesson, you will learn to define actions in your Analysis Services project. An action is just a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) statement that is stored in Analysis Services and which can be incorporated into client applications and started by a user.

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Completed projects for all of the lessons in this tutorial are available online. You can jump ahead to any lesson by using the completed project from the previous lesson as a starting point. Click here to download the sample projects that go with this tutorial.

Analysis Services supports the types of actions that are described in the following table.

CommandLineExecutes a command at the command prompt
DatasetReturns a dataset to a client application.
DrillthroughReturns a drillthrough statement as an expression, which the client executes to return a rowset
HtmlExecutes an HTML script in an Internet browser
ProprietaryPerforms an operation by using an interface other than those listed in this table.
ReportSubmits a parameterized URL-based request to a report server and returns a report to a client application.
RowsetReturns a rowset to a client application.
StatementRuns an OLE DB command.
URLDisplays a dynamic Web page in an Internet browser.

Actions let users start an application or perform other steps within the context of a selected item. For more information, see Actions (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data), Actions in Multidimensional Models

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For examples of actions, see the action examples on the Templates tab in the Calculation Tools pane or in the examples in the Adventure Works DW sample data warehouse. For more information about installing this database, see Install Sample Data and Projects for the Analysis Services Multidimensional Modeling Tutorial.

This lesson includes the following task:

Defining and Using a Drillthrough Action
In this task, you define, use, and then modify a drillthrough action through the fact dimension relationship that you defined earlier in this tutorial.

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