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Microsoft Integration Services makes it easy to create robust and complex solutions for extracting, transforming, and loading data (ETL). The Integration Services tools let you design, create, deploy, and manage packages that address everyday business requirements. The step-by-step tutorials in the following list will help you learn about the Business Intelligence Development Studio environment. The first two tutorials demonstrate how to create packages in an Integration Services project and guide you through use of the Integration Services tools so that you can work efficiently from the very start. The third tutorial demonstrates how to use the Integration Services tools to easily install packages and their dependencies to a different computer.

Tutorial: Creating a Basic Package Using a Wizard

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a basic data transfer package by using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard. After you complete the wizard, you will enhance the package with sort and data transformation features. You will also learn how to use the new Integration Services expression language to regenerate column values.

Tutorial: Creating a Simple ETL Package

This tutorial first demonstrates how to create a basic package that extracts data from a file, performs a lookup in a reference table, and writes the data to a table in the AdventureWorksDW sample database. Subsequent lessons extend the basic package by implementing a repeating workflow in a loop, enabling logging, creating configurations to dynamically update package properties, and adding error handling.

Tutorial: Exporting from ODBC to a Flat File Using a Wizard

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard to create a package that exports data from an ODBC data source, and then writes that data to a text file.

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