Lesson 2: Defining and Deploying a Cube

After you define a data source view in your Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) project, you are ready to define an initial Analysis Services cube. You can start by defining dimensions independently of any cube, and then define one or more cubes that use those dimensions. You can also define a cube and its dimensions in a single pass, by using the Cube Wizard in Business Intelligence Development Studio. If you are creating a simple cube, or if you are new to defining cubes, we recommend that you create the cube and its dimensions in a single pass with the Cube Wizard. However, if you are designing a more complex solution that is made up of multiple cubes that share common database dimensions, you generally start by defining the dimensions at the database level. These are called database dimensions. You then define each cube in the solution, specifying whether and how each database dimension will be used in each cube. These are called cube dimensions. A single database dimension can be used as the basis for multiple cube dimensions. For more information, see Defining and Configuring Dimensions, Attributes, and Hierarchies, and Defining and Configuring Cubes and Cube Properties.

A completed project through Lesson 1 is available by downloading and installing the updated samples. For more information, see Obtaining Updated Samples in Installing Samples.

This lesson contains the following tasks:

Defining a Cube

In this task, you use the Cube Wizard to define dimensions, attributes, hierarchies, and an initial Analysis Services cube.

Reviewing Cube and Dimension Properties

In this task, you review the dimensions, hierarchies, attributes, and the cube that you defined with the Cube Wizard.

Deploying an Analysis Services Project

In this task, you deploy the Analysis Services project to your local instance of Analysis Services, and learn about certain deployment properties.

Browsing the Deployed Cube

In this task, you browse cube and dimension data by using the browsers in Cube Designer and Dimension Designer.