Database Properties - Set Password

The Database Properties - Set Password dialog box in Server Explorer in Visual Studio lets you change the SQL Server Compact database password. Setting strong passwords is essential to the security of the system. Always use strong passwords.

Caution note Caution

You must close all open management dialog boxes before you change the database password. If you change the database password and then try to submit changes made in an open management dialog box, such as a table name in the New Table dialog box, you will receive an error message informing about the password mismatch.

Old Password

Specify the old password.

New Password

Specify the new password.

Confirm Password

Re-enter the new password to confirm it.


Select the Encrypt check box if you want the data in the SQL Server Compact database to be encrypted.

Note Note

If new password is specified, unencrypted source database will be encrypted to Platform Default mode. If the source database is encrypted, it will retain the source encryption mode and the database will be upgraded in-place.