IS [NOT] NULL (SQL Server Compact)

Determines whether or not a given expression is NULL.

Note Note

ISNULL() is not a supported function in SQL Server Compact.

            expression IS [ NOT ] NULL 


Any valid expression in Microsoft SQL Server Compact.


Specifies that the Boolean result be negated. The predicate reverses its return values, returning TRUE if the value is NOT NULL, and FALSE if the value is NULL.

If the value of expressionis NULL, IS NULL returns TRUE; otherwise, it returns FALSE.

If the value of expressionis NULL, IS NOT NULL returns FALSE; otherwise, it returns TRUE.

SELECT column_name FROM table_name WHERE column_name IS NOT NULL

To determine whether an expression is NULL, use IS NULL or IS NOT NULL instead of comparison operators, such as = or !=. Comparison operators return UNKNOWN if either or both arguments are NULL.