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AVG (SQL Server Compact)

Returns the average of the values in a group. Null values are ignored.

AVG ( [ ALL ] expression ) 


Applies the aggregate function to all values. ALL is the default.


An expression of the exact numeric or approximate numeric data type categories, except for the bit data type. Aggregate functions and subqueries are not permitted.

The return type is determined by the type of the evaluated result of expression.

Expression result

Return type

integer category


numeric category (p, s)

numeric(28, s) divided by numeric(10, 0)

money category


float and real category


The following example determines the average weight of products shipped to a company that has a CustomerIDof '123'.

SELECT AVG(Freight) AS "Average Freight" FROM Orders WHERE [Customer ID] = 'VINET' AND [Order ID] IN (10248, 10274, 10295)

This is the result set:

Average Weight
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