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The document is archived and information here might be outdated

IN (SQL Server Compact Edition)

Determines whether a given value matches any value in a subquery or a list.

test_expression [ NOT ] IN 
   ( subquery 
      | expression [ ,...n ] 


Any valid expression in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition.


A subquery that has a result set of one column. This column must have the same data type as test_expression.

expression [ ,... n]

A list of expressions to test for a match. All expressions must be of the same type as test_expression.

If the value of test_expression is equal to any value returned by subquery, or is equal to any expression from the comma-separated list, then the return value is TRUE. Otherwise, the return value is FALSE.

Using NOT IN negates the returned value.

The following example selects all customers in a table who are from Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela.

SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Country IN ('Brazil', 'Argentina', 'Venezuela')
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