Cube Properties - Multidimensional Model Programming


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

Cubes have a number of properties that you can set to affect cube-wide behavior. These properties are summarized in the following table.

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Some properties are set automatically when the cube is created and cannot be changed.

For more information about how to set cube properties, see Cube Designer (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data).

AggregationPrefixSpecifies the common prefix that is used for aggregation names.
CollationSpecifies the locale identifier (LCID) and the comparison flag, separated by an underscore: for example, Latin1_General_C1_AS.
DefaultMeasureContains a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that defines the default measure for the cube.
DescriptionProvides a description of the cube, which may be exposed in client applications.
ErrorConfigurationContains configurable error handling settings for handling of duplicate keys, unknown keys, error limits, action upon error detection, error log file, and null key handling.
EstimatedRowsSpecifies the number of estimated rows in the cube.
IDContains the unique identifier (ID) of the cube.
LanguageSpecifies the default language identifier of the cube.
NameSpecifies the user-friendly name of the cube.
ProactiveCachingDefines proactive cache settings for the cube.
ProcessingModeIndicates whether indexing and aggregating should occur during or after processing. Options are regular or lazy.
ProcessingPriorityDetermines the processing priority of the cube during background operations, such as lazy aggregations and indexing. The default value is 0.
ScriptCacheProcessingModeIndicates whether the script cache should be built during or after processing. Options are regular and lazy.
ScriptErrorHandlingModeDetermines error handling. Options are IgnoreNone or IgnoreAll
SourceDisplays the data source view used for the cube.
StorageLocationSpecifies the file system storage location for the cube. If none is specified, the location is inherited from the database that contains the cube object.
StorageModeSpecifies the storage mode for the cube. Values are MOLAP, ROLAP, or HOLAP****.
VisibleDetermines the visibility of the cube.
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For more information about setting values for the ErrorConfiguration property when working with null values and other data integrity issues, see Handling Data Integrity Issues in Analysis Services 2005.

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