sys.server_event_notifications (Transact-SQL)


Updated: June 10, 2016

THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server (starting with 2008)noAzure SQL DatabasenoAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Returns a row for each server-level event notification object.

Column nameData typeDescription
namesysnameServer event notification name. Is unique across all server-level event notifications.
object_idintObject identification number. Is unique within the master database.
parent_classtinyintClass of parent. Is always 100 = Server.
parent_class_descnvarchar(60)Description of class of parent. Is always SERVER.
parent_idintIs always 0.
create_datedatetimeDate created.
modify_datedatetimeDate object was last modified by using an ALTER statement.
service_namenvarchar(256)Name of the target service to which the notification is sent.
broker_instancenvarchar(128)The service broker where the named target service is defined.
creator_sidvarbinary(85)SID of the login executing the statement that creates the event notification. NULL if WITH FAN_IN is not specified in the event notification definition.
principal_idintID of the server principal that owns this.

The visibility of the metadata in catalog views is limited to securables that a user either owns or on which the user has been granted some permission. For more information, see Metadata Visibility Configuration.

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