IHextendedArticleView (Transact-SQL)


Applies To: SQL Server

The IHextendedArticleView view exposes information on articles in a non-SQL Server publication. This view is stored in the distribution database.

Column nameData typeDescription
publisher_idsmallintThe unique identifier for the Publisher.
publication_idintThe unique identifier for the publication.
articlesysnameThe name of the article
destination_objectsysnameThe name of the published object at the Subscriber.
source_ownersysnameThe owner of the published object at the Publisher.
source_objectsysnameThe name of the published object at the Publisher.
descriptionnvarchar(255)The description of the article.
creation_scriptnvarchar(255)The schema creation script for the article.
del_cmdnvarchar(255)The command that is executed for a DELETE.
filterintThe identifier for the stored procedure used to define the horizontal partition.
filter_clausentextThe WHERE clause used to horizontally filter the article.
ins_cmdnvarchar(255)The command that is executed for an INSERT.
pre_creation_cmdtinyintThe Pre-creation command for DROP TABLE, DELETE TABLE, or TRUNCATE:

 0 = None.

 1 = DROP.

 2 = DELETE.

statustinyintThe bitmask of the article options and status, which can be the bitwise logical OR result of one or more of these values:

 1 = Article is active.

 8 = Include the column name in INSERT statements.

 16 = Use parameterized statements.

 24 = Both include the column name in INSERT statements and use parameterized statements.

For example, an active article using parameterized statements would have a value of 17 in this column. A value of 0 means that the article is inactive and no additional properties are defined.
typetinyintType of article:

 1 = Log-based article.

 3 = Log-based article with manual filter.

 5 = Log-based article with manual view.

 7 = Log-based article with manual filter and manual view.
upd_cmdnvarchar(255)The command that is executed for a UPDATE.
schema_optionbinaryIndicates what is to be scripted out. See sp_addarticle (Transact-SQL) for a list of supported schema options.
dest_ownersysnameThe owner of the published object at the destination database.

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